Bio/Statement, Marcie Vallette
I have never been a fan of getting my photo taken.  But - here's an old pic of me from Studio Center days.

After years of oil painting Vermont landscapes and interior still life, things in my life took an unexpected turn, as things tend to do during middle age. My husband was facing a devastating diagnosis, prompting a profound shift in my perspective. My art up to this point had been a thing unto itself, for me, an enjoyable and meditative practice of my own visual experience. I enjoyed impasto paintings, usually done in one sitting, using color, light, brushstroke, gesture, form. However, as my husbandís disease progressed I felt the pressing need to engage more fully with my new existence, channeling my experiences and emotions into a new artistic direction. It is a direction that often includes narrative.  I  began creating comics, sequential drawings, memoir-drawing, educational materials and books.

To bring my visions to life, I employ archival materials such as sumi ink, micron pens, sturdy papers, gouache, and watercolors.    

-- Marcie Vallette

Montserrat College of Art, BFA
Johnson State College (now Northern VT University) M.Ed
Vermont Technical College: LPN, License is current.
Vermont Studio Center, on staff for 3 years, studied with nationally known artists

Galleries current member/exhibiting
Bryan Gallery, Jeffersonville, VT
Current, Stowe, VT
Studio Place Arts, Barre, VT
S.P.A.C.E. Gallery, Burlington,VT
NVAA (Northern Vermont Artists Association)

Recent Illustrations and comics in publications:
Rama Trauma Trump, illustrations by Marcie Vallette. Story by Mark Laxer
Exit Interview -  A guide to conversations and preparations for death and dying, written and illustrated by Marcie Vallette

Books In progress:
Parkinsonís Caregiver, a graphic memoir of caregiving and learning, by Marcie Vallette, coming this summer (2024)
What do I say? A guide and suggestions for reading aloud at end of life, Written materials assembled by Marcie Vallette, written by various spiritual practitioners and end of life workers and illustrated by Marcie Vallette.