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When I need a break from the care-giving comic book I've been working on, I've been having lots of fun playing with ink and gouache and watercolor, and some collage. These drawings are really my way of blowing off some steam! All artwork is on paper, is framed, behind glass, and ready to hang.  TOTALLY ON SALE!

Jungle Vortices (collage, ink)  $200

I undertake to refrain from becoming intoxicated (gouache)  $150

Another Crybaby (ink)  $150

Here are some landscapes -  They are now at my home in Johnson Vermont, ready and available for purchase. They are professionally framed and glassed.driveway

Most were done the year I lived in Boulder, Colorado, 2002. At that time I was using gouache, a non-toxic, water-based medium characterised by its opacity, using various pigments and dyes for color with gum arabic as a binder.



Hillside Sunshine Canyon

Marcie Vallette