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The Visuddhimagga is a Therevaden Buddhist Text from Burma, which is also called "The Path of Purification." The text gives explicit meditation lessons. These lessons include those on death, impermanance and repulsiveness, as part of the path toward personal liberation. In regular day to day life, if you start paying attention, you will notice that death, impermanence and repulsiveness are all around us. Focusing on these things skillfully can help your meditation practice, and can help you to appreciate your life.

As a nurse, I work with people at end of life, and as a caregiver, I have found these meditations very helpful. My personal conviction is that you cannot possibly help anyone at end of life unless you, yourself, have explored your own mortality. I believe doing this practice has made me a better caregiver.


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Here's one on lucid dreaming. I put it on this page because it can be seen as repulsive.

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