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GRAPHIC NOVEL IN PROGRESS: "SMILE! You're a Parkinson's Caregiver"

I am making this graphic novel for two purposes: First, I have needed to do it as a form of healing for myself. Being a caregiver for someone with Parkinsons does involve intense stress and trauma for the caregiver as well as the person with parkinson's. Secondly, (but even more importantly) to help and educate other caregivers and to let them know they are NOT alone in their struggles. I am offering my honest experiences and what I've learned. I am working with Robert Brunelle as my humor consultant, and Patsey McCarter, to help keep my verbosity at bay.


GRAPHIC NOVEL: "Rama Trauma Trump"


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My friend Mark Laxer and I are offering "Rama Trauma Trump" as a free download pdf. RamaTraumaTrump.pdf. Feel free to share it, and above all, please make your voice heard and vote.

This book is available as a soft cover book, as well. Buy it at

Rama Trauma Trump is the true story of a seventeen-year-old who joins a spiritual group that starts out cool but gradually, over years, turns abusive. The young man leaves the group, tries to come to terms with the past, and is surprised to find that the larger culture looks an awful lot like the cult he had left.

This heartfelt, educational graphic novel explores the importance of cult-proofing kids, communities, and nations. Ultimately, Rama Trauma Trump is the story of friendship and loyalty which transcends the mind-bending power of narcissistic charismatic leaders.




My cartoon work is not intended to mock or poke fun at anyone. I honor all beings in their search for fulfillment and meaning. It is a hard and necessary journey. However, the search can take twists and turns, and be downright funny at times.

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I took a couple of classes in cartooning to learn some of the basics. Click on the links below for some more cartoons:

CLICK HERE: Life as a caregiver of someone with Parkinson's Disease, my own journey.

CLICK HERE: The Illustrated Visuddhimagga (thanks to my death meditation friends, fellow meditators, fellow death and end of life helpers, doulas and nurses, for bearing with me as we explore). Some gross stuff, beware.

CLICK HERE My Life as an artist (the lighter side).


---------I welcome constructive feed back. I already know that some people find my work a bit dark. Thanks! Marcie Vallette