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Some monoprints

Monkeys! I am fascinated by them, although I've never met one in "person."

The year after my plein air painting partner Bradley died, I decided to take a break from plein air and work on something different, monoprints. AVAILABLE

frogsreddotI also began my studies in Mindfulness Meditation with teacher Shinzen Young that year. I began to explore "flow" in a graphic way through printmaking. The technique I used lent itself well to my experiences of flow, with repetitive imagery, slightly changing with every appearance, speeding up and slowing down, things appearing and disappearing, with a pleasant sensation of motion. I used frogs, and monkeys as a baseline visual representation.



Baboon Family Dynamics. AVAILABLE


Getting away from all the monkeys for a bit, I also explored cats and chickens at certain points in my monoprint "flow" journey!


Kittens sleeping. AVAILABLE










Marcie Vallette